Professional pilot license course

This training program of ATO Rattan is aimed at students who start training from the beginning to obtain a license CPL (A) with qualification IR, MEP-L, MEP-L / IR or called. ATPL (Frozen).

Training takes place in modules and includes ground training, theoretical and flight programs.

All programs are developed according to the requirements of EASA and PART-FCL.

Table of modules:

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Training program for amateur pilots.

ppl a smallThe license PPL (A) with a qualification check SEP-L entitles the holder to perform without reward flights as on pilot every single engine aircraft used for non-commercial flights if you qualified for this plane.                                                                                      



Training program for amateur pilots.

 RXX3454 smallThe license LAPL (A) entitles the holder to act without remuneration as pilot on single-engine piston airplane landing on a hard surface with a maximum certificated take-off mass of 2 000 kg or less, carrying a maximum of 3 passengers or on board of the aircraft never carrying more than 4 persons.


ATPL theoretical training

atplThe course is modular, 650 hours, with distance learning and weekly consultations with teachers from ATO "Rattan". There are nine disciplines in total.


VFR Night flights

nightflyThe program includes:

Theoretical training

Duration - 08:00 hours to learn about the features for operations at night



Training program for professional pilots.

cpl-1Theoretical training

After having received the certificate PPL (A) the applicant can begin theoretical training for CPL (A). The course is modular, 260 hours, distance form of learning and weekly consultations with teachers ATO "Rattan".                                    



Program for IFR instrument flights in single engine plane.

ir-1This training program is mandatory for candidates for professional pilots and recommended for all amateur pilots who intend to perform long flights with private plane.



mep-lTraining program for pilots to acquire a class: single-pilot multi-engine aircraft.

Requirements for starting the flight training:



mep-l irCourse for flight training of pilots having rating IR(A)/SEP-L to assign class for flights under rules IFR multi-engine IR(A)/MEP-L.


Training programs for instructors:

instructorA training program for pilots to acquire instructor rating for instrument flights IRI (A)

The aim of the course is to train candidates on a professional level corresponding to the requirements of qualification class: instructor for IFR IRI (A).

Requirements for the training:


CockpitA training program for instructors to acquire a class for single pilot CRI (SPA)

The aim of the course is to give adequate training of candidates for teaching theory of flight and synthetic flight training to be able to train for a class / type on each single-engine or twin-engine single-pilot airplane for which the applicant is qualified.