mep-l irCourse for flight training of pilots having rating IR(A)/SEP-L to assign class for flights under rules IFR multi-engine IR(A)/MEP-L.

Requirements for starting the flight training:

Minimum age - 18 years.

Possessed PPL (A) or CPL (A) Certificate of Airworthiness with Instrument Flight Certificate for Single Pilot IR (A) / SEP-L Airplane and Passed Multiple Aircraft MEP-L Training Certificate.

Certificate of medical fitness Class 1 (the certificate must be issued by a European specialized medical center).

Copy of diploma for education / secondary or higher /.

Copy of ID Card.

mep-l ir smallmep-l ir smallThe training includes a 5:00 flight program for multi-engine airplanes.

The applicant is given - the program for flight training with the development of each exercise.

Upon successful completion of the flight program, the applicant shall be subject to a flight examination within 2 hours in front of a checking instructor designated by DG CAA. During the test, the learner should demonstrate confident IFR flight to an international airport.

The MEP-L / IR qualification bookmark must be renewed with a flight check of 1:30 each year by a checking instructor. In the event that it is not renewed by the deadline, the applicant should undergo a recovery program of 3:30 hours and a flight check of 1:30 hours.

Upon completion of the last 6th Professional Pilot Training Module, the ATO Ratan prepares the trainee's documents, which he / she should submit to DG CAA for obtaining a CPL (A) license with IR, MEP-L qualification marks, MEP-L / IR. Applicants must attach a Certificate of Proficiency in English (minimum Level 4) issued by an approved organization to these documents.