gallery003Dolna Banya Airport is fully completed airport complex that includes:

    • 100,000 sq. meters total area, guarded all-time along
    • Runway for takeoff and landing dimensions 800x25 meters of which: 440 meters of asphalt, 80 meters primer at the beginning of runway 27 and 280 meters primer at the beginning of runway 09
    • 3 taxiways and large asphalt area in front of hangar
    • Massive hangar with capacity for at least 20. light aircraft
    • Hangar for aircraft maintenance
    • Briefing room, training room, offices and storage rooms
    • Available to pilots is modern equipment providing quick and easy receptions of aviation information to organize flights (weather station, radio, computers, multimedia, 24-hour internet access, fax, phone)
    • Fuel station, providing A95H fuel
    • Sports and relaxation facilities - swimming pool, volleyball court, billiards, table tennis, darts, bar and barbecue

Near the airport are situated numerous mineral springs, SPA hotel, golf club and the resort "Borovets".

Dolna Banya Airport supports flights under visual flight rules during the day.


Map of Dolna Banya Airport


Approach map


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Flying over Borovetz

Flying over Melnik