A Tecnam Representative

Ratan is an official representative of the Italian company Tecnam, which is a leading company specializing in the production of light and ultralight aircrafts.

Tecnam aircrafts are among the best in their class, possess excellent aerodynamic characteristics and flight qualities and at the same time are unpretentious in the technique of piloting.

The planes are equipped with Rotax engines - very reliable and economical powerplants.

Purchase of aircraft

Purchase of aircraft should be based on thorough study and sufficient aviation culture. In this regard, the factors that must be considered when choosing a plane can generally be:

    • Experience of the production company in aircraft manufacturing

The current "Srl Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam" was founded in 1986 by prof. Luigi Pascale in Capua, Italy. The professor and his family create the design of the aircraft since 1948, including the famous Partenavia p68.

    • Stability and development of the production company

Tecnam offers and produces planes for both Europe and the US and Canada. Production facilities of the company have the best aircraft production equipment.

    • Maintenance

Tecnam provides training courses for technical staff and promptly sends the necessary technical information and documents concerning the maintenance of the companies operating and / or servicing their aircrafts.

Ratan Ltd. has certified maintenance base for Tecnam aircrafts within its own airport. This significantly saves time and reduces maintenance costs for owners of Tecnam aircrafts.

    • Selection of aircrafts

Tecnam offers an extremely wide range of aircrafts - in light and ultra light aircraft class and single or twin-engine aircrafts with a choice in determining the aircrafts equipment.

    • Economy and spare parts

Tecnam aircrafts are equipped with Rotax engines - 100 hp, which have an average fuel consumption of between 15 - 18 liters per hour unleaded gasoline.

This means that if you decide to cover the distance from the airport of Dolna Banya to Primorsko Airport / 02: 15h flight / you will need 50 liters of unleaded gasoline A95. Rotax provides quick delivery of spare parts at affordable prices compared to other aircraft engine companies

    • Flight Performance

Tecnam aircraft are stable and tolerate errors in piloting technique.

This is an advantage especially for pilots who do not yet have extensive aviation experience.

Proof of the authenticity of the above is the fact that Ratan is teaching amateur and professional pilots only with Tecnam aircrafts.

    • Delivery

When purchasing an aircraft the buyer usually has many uncertainties.

That is the role of Ratan.

We will advise you, we will contact the manufacturer, specify the terms of delivery and payment and will connect you with a reliable transport company to transport the aircraft, or will deliver it in flight. We will give full support for registration and obtaining flight airworthiness of the airplane, we will make the first flight to feel safe on your aircraft. We will engage with the maintenance and will be there for you whenever you need us.