Training program for professional pilots.

cpl-1Theoretical training

After having received the certificate PPL (A) the applicant can begin theoretical training for CPL (A). The course is modular, 260 hours, distance form of learning and weekly consultations with teachers ATO "Rattan".                                    

The syllabus is divided into periods, after each of which the applicant is consulted to clarify unclear parts of the course material and to enhance the preparation and perform a progress test, which should be covered by more than 75%. After completing the theoretical education, the applicant receives a CPL (A) Theoretical Education Certificate.

In order to be licensed, the applicant must take the English language examination of DG CAA. Exam sessions are published on the CAA website.

Applicants are provided with textbooks on paper and in electronic form for self-study.

The textbooks are JEPPESEN EASA ATPL Training. The syllabus is divided into weekly periods after each of them, with the applicant, a test for progress, which should be covered by more than 75%, and a consultation is conducted to clarify unclear parts of the study material and to increase preparation.

After completing theoretical training, the applicant passes an internal examination at the Ratan ATO and, if successful, more than 75% receives a CPL (A) Theoretical Certificate.

In order to be licensed, the applicant must take the English language examination of DG CAA. Exam sessions are published on the CAA website at www.caa.bg.

In the theoretical examination, candidates demonstrate a level of theoretical knowledge appropriate to the rights conferred.

Flight training

Requirements for starting the flight training:cpl-02

  • Minimum age - 18 years.
  • Satisfactory knowledge of English.
  • A valid pilot license PPL (A).
  • At least 150 hours of flight time as a pilot.
  • VFR Night qualification check.
  • Completed course for theoretical training ATPL or CPL (A).
  • Valid medical certificate (Class1) issued in accordance with Part-MED. Authorized medical centers located closest to:

       - KAMO / 1540 Sofia, 1 Brussels Blvd., tel .: 02 937 16 40; 02 937 16 41

      - AMC 2 – Director Chrysoula Papadeli / ETHNIKIS ANTISTASIS 51-53, 55134 THESSALONIKI GREECE, Tel: +30 2310488715, e-mail:

  • Copy of diploma education / secondary or higher /.
  • Copy of ID Card.

For non-Qualified PPL (A) holders, the IR (A) program includes 26:40 flight training. Flight training is performed on P92JS, P2002JR, P2008JC aircraft.

If the applicant has a valid IR (A) or holds a Basic Instrument Flight Module certificate, he or she may be credited with instructor flight instruction time. In this case, the applicant should complete only 16:20 hours of visual flight training with an instructor.

Flight training is performed with P2002JF / P92JS aircrafts.

The applicant is provided with a flight training program with the development of each exercise. During his / her training, the applicant shall be competent to operate the airplane within its characteristics, to perform all maneuvers smoothly and accurately as required by EASA, to be able to make decisions and to be intelligent during flights in accordance with its aviation knowledge and control of the aircraft at all times.After the successful completion of the flight program, the applicant is subjected to a flight examination within 2 hours in front of a checking instructor designated by DG CAA.