ATPL theoretical training

atplThe course is modular, 650 hours, with distance learning and weekly consultations with teachers from ATO "Rattan". There are nine disciplines in total.

Requirements to start training - valid pilot license PPL (A).0.

The candidate is provided with textbooks and books in electronic format. The textbooks are JEPPESEN ATPL Training, approved by EASA. The curriculum is divided into weekly periods and after each of them the applicant runs a progress test. He must cover over 75% of the material and he could be consulted for the unclear parts of the learning material to increase test results.

Training takes from 7 to 9 months.

After completion of the training the candidate undergoes an internal examination at the ATO "Rattan" and with success over 75% receives a Certificate of completion of theoretical training for ATPL (A).

To license the applicant should take 14 exams in DG "CAA" in English. The exam dates are published on the website of "CAA". Examinations should be taken after the flight preparation but before the flight checks CPL / IR.