mep-lTraining program for pilots to acquire a class: single-pilot multi-engine aircraft.

Requirements for starting the flight training:

Minimum age - 18 years.

Possessed valid PPL (A) or CPL (A) Certificate of Airworthiness.

No less than 70 hours of flight time as an airplane commander.

Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate (the certificate must be issued by a European specialized medical center).

Copy of ID Card.

P2006T MkII-smallThe program includes:

Theoretical training for familiarization with the aircraft type P2006T. The applicant shall be provided with AFM of the aircraft and other materials on electronic media, and lectures will be held in the ATO Rattan study room and in the aircraft.

Theoretical training within 7:00 hours to study the specifics of multi-engine aircraft operations. The applicant is provided with a training program and lectures are given in the study room.

mepl-03Flight training at 06:30. The applicant is provided with a flight training program with the development of each exercise. Before and after each flight, the instructor briefs with the applicant to analyze the training, the student's success rate, the identification of errors, and how to prevent them.