Training program for amateur pilots.

ppl a smallThe license PPL (A) with a qualification check SEP-L entitles the holder to perform without reward flights as on pilot every single engine aircraft used for non-commercial flights if you qualified for this plane.                                                                                      


Requirements to the candidates:

Minimum age - 17 years.

Documents that an applicant should provide: copies of diploma education / secondary or higher / ID card, certificate of Class 2 medical certificate / certificate should be issued by an European specialized medical center /.

The training program includes:

Briefing the candidate on safety measures, internal rules and structure of the organization, area of the airport and restricted areas.

Theoretical training

Approved training organisations are "Private College of Transportation", "Technical University" and "Sofia Flight Training" all in Sofia.

Alternatively, distance training is provided by "Peak Aviation Academy" contact: Emil Avramov - 0877 343 285

Flight Training - 45:15 flight hours on airplanes P92JS .

The candidate is provided the flight training program with the development of each exercise, cards, AFM of the aircraft and other materials in electronic format.

Flight program generally includes:

  • Familiarization with the type of aircraft which will carry out the training - glider, engine, equipment in cabin, AFM of the aircraft.
  • Familiarization with the training program, filling flight documentation.
  • Familiarization with region of flights at the airport "Dolna Banya".
  • Flight preparation and pre-flight operations.
  • Flights with an instructor.
  • Solo flights.
  • Preparation and execution of flights on a VFR route.
  • Radio navigation training.

Before and after each flight the instructor holds a briefing with the applicant to prepare an analysis of the degree of success of the candidate, identifying errors and ways to prevent them.

After successful completion of the flight program the applicant must conduct flight examination with an examiner appointed by DG "CAA". During the flight test that lasts at least 01:00, the applicant must demonstrate takeoff, landing, flight in the airport area and implementation of short VFR route, and must properly conduct radio conversations.