We would like to gather in images and stories the history of education of our student pilots.

Each student of the ATO Ratan, who wants to become part of this page, can send us a photo and information about himself, which we will post here.

We wish you gut luck!

I was born Sofia and my love for Aviation started in early childhood. I can hardly think of anything else that determined my life as much as the flight profession. I come from a family directly related to the Air Force and Bulgarian Civil Aviation. I am the grandson aviator colonel Dimitar Bachvarov - hero of World War II. Many of my relatives are committed to the cause of aviation to the present day.

Radoslav Gaydarov


Simeon Zahov works in Avio Delta Ltd.

Rosen Panayotov is working in Government "28th Air Detachment"
Kiril Petrov completed his training for professional pilot in ATO Rattan and is currently co-pilot of the Boeing 737 in Air Cargo.
Ivan Denichin is a commander with extensive experience in Bulgaria Air. In ATO Ratan he completed a course of obtaining a qualification check SEP-L and in his spare time he is visiting Dolna Banya Airport to fly his own small plane.
Ivan Tsikalov is the son of the instructor who had taught Vatko Beshliev in the military academy. Ivan completed his training for professional pilot in the United States, worked for several years as an instructor there and returned to Bulgaria, where he worked as an instructor in ATO Rattan. He is currently a pilot in Bulgaria Air.
Georgi Grozdanov completed a course for amateur pilot in ATO Rattan. George combines the passion for flying with the pleasure of photography – he photographs the places where he flies. Much of the videos and pictures on our site are his work, for which we thank him.
Alexander Alexandrov works in ATC and for years is part of a team of amateur pilots in Airport Dolna Banya.