Vatko BeshlievVatko Dimitrov Beshliev

Born August 25, 1954.

Graduated in Air Forces School "Georgi Benkovski" Dolna Mitropolia - first class civil pilots in Bulgaria.

His professional career began in "Balkan" airlines. He flies mainly on Tu-134 and Tu-154.

Vatko Beshliev is one of the first commanders of Boeing 767, started the regular flights of the national airlines to the United States, Canada and other destinations on the east and south.

He works as a commander and instructor pilot for a number of airlines at home and abroad, including "Region Air", "Vietnam Airlines", "Air Algerie", "Bulgaria Air", Lao International.

In 1996 Vatko Beshliev buys Airport Dolna Banya and began to work on the idea of creating the first private airport and a training center for pilots in Bulgaria.

Today Vatko Beshliev is a manager of certified training center for training of amateurs and professional pilots, which has modern facilities, aircrafts with excellent flying characteristics, a team of highly qualified instructors, technicians and engineers and is a favorite place for training of promising young pilots.

Beside the airport activities Vatko Beshliev is a successful golfer and his awards are part of the interior of the airport.

He has organized the first Bulgarian regatta and took part in an expedition to the Himalayas.

He is also a manager of the NGO avio relics aimed at restoration and development of important Bulgarian history airplanes. With the help of many other pilots the association managed to create a replica of the airplane Albatross FII, which is used for the first combat flight in aviation history over Edirne fortress. The aircraft was donated to the aviation museum in Plovdiv.

Mario KoguharovMario Ivanov Koguharov

He is born on the 3 of Aug. in Pleven. Since his childhood Mario was excited watching airplanes in the sky over Dolna Mitropolia. The dream of becoming a pilot brings Mario to Airport Dolna Banya, where in 2005 he begins his path in aviation as a private pilot of ultra-light aircraft.

Mario is currently one of the most experienced instructors in ATO Ratan, who is also a Captain in Bulgaria Air Charter where he flies McDonnell Douglas MD-80. In the training center he flies on all types of aircraft and trains amateur and professional pilots. As the rest of the team Mario is distinguished by his high theoretical knowledge, brilliant teaching methods and invaluable experience

Outside the activities in the airport Mario is interested in parachuting, scuba diving, rafting and motor sports.

Vladislav MandgakovVladislav Stefanov Mandzhakov

Vladislav Mandzhakov is among the most experienced instructors ATO 'Rattan'.

Engineer-pilot, he has graduated in the Technical University of Sofia.

He began his flight activity in Sofia Aero Clubs, as pilot of L-13 glider. Then he flies on the aircrafts Yak-18T, Zlin 143, Zlin "Trainer" and others.

Later he moved to the Boeing 737-300 / 500, flying over 3000 hours of this type. He is one of the leading pilots of the American aircraft in Bulgaria.

His career in civil aviation continues on McDonnell Douglas MD-80, in parallel with instructors work at ATO "Rattan".

In the training center he flies on all types of aircraft and trains beginners and advanced civilian pilots. He is distinguished by his high theoretical knowledge, brilliant teaching methods and invaluable experience accumulated during his years of flying experience.

Milen StankovMilen Goranov Stankov

Milen Stankov was born on 25.02.1979. He is representing the new generation of instructors, bravely standing up to the challenges of the Instructor profession. He is a professional pilot since 2010 with previous experience as a co-pilot of Beechcraft King Air 200 (high performance turboprop) and commander of the Diamond 42 Twin Star. With enthusiasm reveals the secrets of aviation to those who have chosen the pilot profession, sharing the passion to flying enthusiasts and to all brave men decided to experience the thrill of flight over the beautiful southwestern Bulgaria.