A Tecnam Representative

Ratan is an official representative of the Italian company Tecnam, which is a leading company specializing in the production of light and ultralight aircrafts.

Tecnam aircrafts are among the best in their class, possess excellent aerodynamic characteristics and flight qualities and at the same time are unpretentious in the technique of piloting.

The planes are equipped with Rotax engines - very reliable and economical powerplants.

Purchase of aircraft

Purchase of aircraft should be based on thorough study and sufficient aviation culture. In this regard, the factors that must be considered when choosing a plane can generally be:

    • Experience of the production company in aircraft manufacturing

The current "Srl Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam" was founded in 1986 by prof. Luigi Pascale in Capua, Italy. The professor and his family create the design of the aircraft since 1948, including the famous Partenavia p68.

    • Stability and development of the production company

Tecnam offers and produces planes for both Europe and the US and Canada. Production facilities of the company have the best aircraft production equipment.

    • Maintenance